Q. Do you ship overseas?
A. Yes. Plum® ships its products worldwide almost daily!

Q. How are Plum's products so effective in helping prevent injury when they're so lightweight, attractive and comfortable?
A. Plum® undertakes intensive research and testing to engineer its products with the optimal core materials proven superior for superior energy-absorption by ASTM standards. 
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Q. Are you really able to ship an order within just a day or two?
A. Plum
®  strives to keep most items in stock for prompt delivery.

Q. Are quantity discounts available, even if a customer mixes and matches sizes and items?
A. Absolutely. Contact Plum for details.
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Q. How do I measure for a ProtectaCap® , ProtectaCap+Plus®,  ProtectaHip®, &  ProtectaHip+Plus® ?
A. For ProtectaCap®  & ProtectaCap+Plus® a  simple head circumference is all that is needed. Take a snug, yet comfortable measurement at eyebrow level around the head in inches .   For ProtectaHip® & ProtectaHip+Plus® simply take waist and hip measurements.  (Back to question list)


Q. What if the measurement for ProtectaCap ®  ProtectaCap+Plus® or ProtectaHip®  falls between two sizes?
A. Plum's unique Falls SafetyWear™ expands and conforms to each individual for a safe, snug custom fit. Therefore, it is often best to choose the smaller of the two sizes. If unsure, feel free to contact Plum for assistance to determine the best fit. (Back to question list)

How can I contact Plum Enterprises?
A. Please feel free to contact Plum  via  Plum's Contact Us Page.
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