Dr. Kang,

Per your request, here is the website for that wonderful protective head-gear I bought for Diana.  Unfortunately, we had opportunity to prove how good it is; yesterday (Friday) Diana fell backwards onto the street; JUST out of my grasp!  She hit the pavement very hard..... we went straight to ER because I was concerned about hematoma etc.....   We're blessed that it does not appear that any lasting effects were evident, and I can say with confidence that this helmet saved Diana's life.  She really wacked her head, and without that headgear, it would have been incredibly serious.  The product is incredibly expensive; five times as expensive as a good bike helmet, BUT, it is designed for protection AND comfort.  Diana can even sleep in it since the sides are kind of "flat" unlike a bike helmet.

Phil Leichliter                                                               

Dear Janice,
I am relieved to tell you that Mum's ProtectaHips
arrived this morning.
We are delighted not only with the quality but also their appearance.  The last ones were unattractive and the fit was not  good but we believed it was something to be endured for safety's sake. It is wonderful that you have achieved attractive merchandise without compromising the needs of those with special needs.
I wish you every success with your business enterprise Janice.  Mum has a message for you which is `GIRL POWER'.
So pleased I found you on the internet and took at the time what I thought to be a risk.
With affection and every good wish,
Jillian and her mum Sadie. XX 



"Janice, I can't  thank you enough

 for the most  wonderful vacation
 our family has
ever had."

                                          Lora Riley










“ProtectaCap+Plus?is great.  My 5 year old has drop seizures and he likes wearing it.  He’s been saved by the ’Cap.”  M. McGuire 

Dear Janice,
I hope you are well and enjoying continued success with your business.
Mum is really comfortable and enjoys wearing  the hip protectors and the 2 pairs of trousers we purchased, and sends her gratitude and best wishes.
Please could we place a further order for 2 LARGE ProtectaHip
s White under Pants.  (ordered previously in 2009).
Many thanks and every good wish,
Jillian Cohen    
West Yorkshire. 


“ProtectaCap+Plus has been working miracles for our daughter.  It’s tremendous.  It’s the greatest thing.  Best money we’ve spent in 5 years."  R. Hesson 


Dear Janice,
Mum and I wanted to convey our gratitude for the ProtectaHip
  we purchased from you with our personal testimony.
Last week Sadie (mum) had a bad fall in the early hours.  As she is unable to use her right arm we were distressed that it would add to her disabilities. Well the good news is that apart from shock and bruises the ProtectaHip
Hip Protectors did their job admirably!
With our very best wishes as always,
Jillian XX    And Sadie XX,                                                        


We’ve heard all positive things about the ProtectaCap helmets. They’ve work great for our patients post-surgery and the compliance is wonderful.  We’re completely switching to them from our previous helmets. We still have some of our old helmets, but we won’t use them anymore."  »T. Bonaldo, RN , Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital.

"ProtectaHip is a great product." » Knollwood Nursing Center              

"My sister had a seizure and fell more than  6' off a loading dock onto concrete.  She broke 4 bones, including her femur and was in the hospital for 3 months. She was wearing her ProtectaCap+Plus helmet and did not hurt her head at all.  And they've lasted over 7 years."  » L. Manns





"Plum’s helmets work wonderfully.  ProtectaCap+Plus  helmets are fully accepted by the patients and they’re proud to wear them.  They have been washed several times in very hot water and came out beautifully. They are a wonderful product."  » Mohawk Valley Hospital


"I love your ProtectaHip Active Lounge Pants.

 » S. Samuelson, Ft. Lewis VA Hospital

"My daughter's been wearing ProtectaCap for the past 7 years, since she was 14. It's worked great and protects her ears and sides of her face.  We've machine-washed it repeatedly and it's lasted wonderfully."  » E.Wolff, CO


“ProtectaCap helmets are working out great.  And they’re so much more comfortable than the other helmets.”  >>M. Kannegaard, RN 

I love ProtectaCap helmet.  And it fits perfectly.”  >>S. Garcia

"ProtectaCap is perfect for my son. It’s protected him from many injuries when he falls.  We washed it several times and it’s held up so well.”  >>P. Keeter 


“I ordered the ProtectaCap+Plus for my wife. It’s protects her from seizures and she enjoys wearing it. It’s a fantastic product.”  >>P. Weiss 


"I've been wearing ProtectaHip for 8 years. The 2 sets of garments and pads have held up great and I wash them every day. I was helping my husband and I fell. If I didn't have the ProtectaHip on, things would have been really bad. It saved me.  I get up and put it on every day. You never know when these things could happen."

» E.Rodriguez, NY                                


"Our patient and her family loved the ProtectaCap right away.  She has Dementia, which has also affected her eyesight and had just suffered a serious head injury from a fall.  She falls all the time and does not get hurt when wearing ProtectaCap?  We love the excellent quality. And she doesn't want to take it off. We're also relieved she can sleep in the ProtectaCap?  Thank you for your excellent customer service." 

» J. Burke,  Sylvestry Long Term Care


"My son's ProtectaCap has lasted for 6 years.  It's worked beautifully to stop all the sensory trauma and head banging.  A great success. He would have had bloodied ears without it. It's been awesome, an answer to our prayers."  >>L. Jones, FL

"Your ProtectaHip® Active Lounge Pantsare great. The patients and staff love them." ?J. Hepsley, VA  Hospital                                              


"ProtectaCap® has been an excellent seizure helmet for our son. He's been wearing it for years.  He loves it. It's been absolutely wonderful for us." L. Henschell

"We had given up on getting our son to wear a helmet.  ProtectaCap® has worked out wonderfully. And the neat thing is he loves to wear it."  >>L. Culp, WA

"The ProtectaCap+Plus helmet is working out great for our patient.  And it's so much more comfortable than other helmets."  >>M. Kannegaard, WA

"I've been recommending and ordering your ProtectaCap for 20 years.  It's wonderful and so lightweight.  It's ideal for the pool for walking by the pool and aqua therapy. We had someone slip by the pool and he would have cracked his head without the ProtectaCap >> Dolcy, P.T.

"We're very pleased with ProtectaCap+Plus  It's an excellent helmet. The gentlemen had an extremely large head and it fits perfectly and comfortably.  He loves it and shows it off . Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and getting it here overnight." >> C. Morgan, Kaiser Permanente

 “ProtectaHip has save us a ton of money.  The other company cost us a ton of money.  Plum saved us a ton of money.”  >>J. Hepsley,  Coatesville VA Hospital 

"The extra small ProtectaCap+Plus® fits my son beautifully. He loves wearing it.  I know it's going to be a lifesaver for us."» T. Kolinski, Alanson, MI

"We love the quality of your ProtectaHip® Active Lounge Pants™.  It's an excellent product. » K. Balzer, VA Hospital

"We really appreciate your great help!  Abby loves her new 'Cap. We can breathe easy now that she has great protection!"  » L. Taylor, Merced, CA

 "Our neurologist recommended ProtectaCaps® for our daughters.  They have low bone density due to low collagen.  They've been wearing them for years. ProtectaCap® is great on the playground." » J. Geisman, Upper Brookville, NY

"ProtectaCap+Plus®  has worked out wonderfully.   Jose hated his vinyl covered latex helmet and tore it up-- just kept tearing it up with his fingers!   And he would hit the other kids with his bike helmet.  He loves his ProtectaCap+Plus  It's perfect."
>>C. Hitchcock, Case Manager, Orlando, FL

"Plum's ProtectaHip® product is the leader in the field."
» R. Buckman, MD, PA

"We are so happy with your ProtectaCap+Plus® helmets. They have saved us from many major head injuries.  And the patients are so receptive to wearing them.  They're calmer and proud of themselves." » P. Rooney, OT , Windsor , NY

"I love my ProtectaCap+Plus® helmet.   With my Parkinson's I wear it all the time. It's wonderful!  Now I want to order one for a friend of mine." >>G. Lilley, Elizabethtown, PA

"I must shout the praises for your ProtectaCap+Plus®. My daughter fell backwards and her hard helmet broke. Her skull cracked open.  That helmet didn't absorb the impact.  It just transferred it to her head!  ProtectaCap+Plus® has proven to be the single most effective way to keep my 42 year-old daughter safe."  » L. Reilly, Lake St. Louis, MO

"Most of the patients we use ProtectaCap with have a low platelet count and have tendency to bleed easily if they bump their head. Some of the patients we've used ProtectaCap? for have brain tumors, and part of their skull removed. The 'Cap? serves as a protective device should they fall." » C. Allesandro, Nurse Manager,  LA

"ProtectaCap is a "kid-friendly" helmet, attractive in soft patterns and colors. Kids are not opposed to wearing it, as with some of the other helmets on the market. Also, it's reasonably priced."
» K.Devine-Johnson, PT

"Thank you very much for the ProtectaHip? My mom says it's very easy to put on. It gives her added protection for her replaced hip, but more importantly for the other one."
» S. MacDougal

"Thanks for being so flexible with exchanging the ProtectaCaps® and ProtectaCap+Plus® helmets as we tried to get the best fit and style for Kyle. I wish every company were as easy to work with as Plum."
» M. O'Connell, MT. Adaptive Equipment Program, Missoula, MT

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for providing your much-needed ProtectaCap for my foster son. After so much frustration, it's refreshing to find people truly concerned for the kids." » D. Fraterman, PA

"The ProtectaCap® my son's doctor prescribed is great.  Kobey doesn't like us to take it off.  He feels so safe in it.  It's really wonderful."
» C. Sage

"ProtectaCap® is well-ventilated, washable and not heavy. We like the idea of its cosmetic appeal, especially with our adult population."   » J. Marinkovich, Univ. of Nebraska Med. Ctr., NE


"ProtectaCap® is a "kid-friendly" helmet, attractive in soft patterns and colors. Kids are not opposed to wearing it, as with some of the other helmets on the market. Also, it's reasonably priced."  » Children's Hospital

"It's wonderful. And it held up so well in the washer and dryer!" »  P.Crosse, Naperville, IL

"I'd give ProtectaHip a 'ten'. It's perfect for our patients. And it's so comfortable, they sleep in them."   » L. Frasier, RN, San Diego, CA

"ProtectaCap has saved my son, Chad from so many injuries. I'm no quite sure what I would have done without it. It's been an answer to our prayers."
» S. Schuffler, Hilo, HI

"Your ProtectaCap+Plus has helped my mother tremendously.  She has fallen and bumped her head into furniture, chairs and so on several times and has had no pain, no strain.  Thank you very much." » S. Weiss, Horsham, PA


"ProtectaCap  is perfect. My daughter has hydrocephalus and poor neck muscles, and with the heavier helmets we tried, she couldn't hold her head up straight. ProtectaCap® gives us both a new sense of freedom." »V. Aston, Norristown, PA

"The ProtectaCap+Plus® is a wonderful helmet and it's so lightweight.  It's worked out great for Lori."
»M. Minard, Stone House, Corvallis , OR

"As a pediatric physical therapist in the Chicago area, I like the construction of ProtectaCap®, particularly its low forehead and its contour design. It gives children with hypotonia confidence when they stand with a wide gait. If they fall frequently, which they do, ProtectaCap® gives their parents a sense of security that their child's skull will be protected." »P.M. Nootbaar, PT/PCS, Buffalo Grove, IL

"The  ProtectaCap+Plus is outstanding. The patients love them. They're so comforting that their behaviors are markedly changed-- much calmer.  And they love the way it looks.   It's an amazing helmet."  >>S. Reeves, MSW,       


"That ProtectaCap® is the best thing in the world! It's so comfortable. She doesn't rip it off her head like the other ones. It really protects her and it's so cute! Thank you very much."  »M. Miller, Lombard, IL

"We offer ProtectaCap® to moms of kids with hemophilia to prevent injury from bumping their heads which can cause life-threatening cranial bleeds. They've worked very well. They're attractive and offer good protection."
»D. Maloney, Client Services, Hemophilia Resources of America, Fairfield, NH

"Anna has worn your  clever ProtectaCap+Plus® helmet and it seems very successful. We are most thankful."
Professor BAW Trevallion OBE, Buckinghamshire, UK

"We recommend ProtectaCaps® for little kids who have severe balance disorders and fall a lot and hit their head. The parents like them much better than the big bulkier helmets, and the doctors like their looks."
>>N. Carney, OT Shiner's Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

"We use ProtectaCaps with kids who have seizures and are very active and unsteady on their feet. The ProtectaCap doesn't interfere with their normal activity. ProtectaCap does a good job of protecting their heads."
 >> A.J. Zwikelmaier, PT, Hartford School, White River Junction, VT


"ProtectaCap is perfect for my son, Adam, who's two and has cerebral palsy. Thank you for coming out with the 'ProtectaCap helmet." >>C. Henderson, Boston, MA

"The ProtectaCap® is great. I want to thank you for this helmet. It's saved my son from serious injury when he's fallen. His doctors say it's the best helmet they've seen."    >>.J. Gilliland,TX                                                   

"Thank you so much for making the ProtectaCap .It has been a great help to me." >>A. Bradley, Julliard School, NY



"I want to thank you for all the time and effort you expended in custom-making the ProtectaHip for my dad's specifications The Director of the National Institute on Health Rehab Program was quite impressed with the construction of your ProtectaHip"
»R. Stallings, National Institutes of Health, Washington, DC

"ProtectaCap has worked great for my 7 year old son who is autistic. He loves it, it’s so comfortable.  I’ve machine-washed it and it’s lasted for a long time.” >>E. Wolff 






"We were so glad to receive information on your ProtectaCap !  Our son had cranial surgery and we had to wrap his head in layers and layers of gauze and cotton which was getting harder to do as he regained his strength after the surgery. At the six week post-op appointment, we showed the ProtectaCap to the surgeon and he thought it was great! Thank you for make a useable, durable headgear; it fits our needs perfectly! » J.Ewing

"We love your ProtectaCap. My son has seizures and falls frequently, but he's had no injuries.  It covers and protects his whole head and ears. He's been wearing them for years.  They last so long; and I love that it's washable!"  » A. Wright

"My sister has had bad falls on hard floors with grand mal seizures, but never got hurt because she was wearing your ProtectaCap. Thank you very much."   » G. Chaisco

" Everything is perfect about the ProtectaCap helmet.  My daughter uses when she walks and it's great for her trike and walker. ProtectaCap gives wonderful protection. It allows her to have more freedom and mobility."         » K. Arroyo

"Enclosed is a picture of Michael in his ProtectaCap.  He enjoys it and doesn't want to take it off. It brightens our spirits during exercise time."  » S. Wilkinson

"ProtectaCap+Plus  has worked out very well for my dad.  He's had some falls and the helmet protected him.  Without the ProtectaCap+Plus helmet, it would have been bad."    » S. Wilkinson

Congratulations to... 


              The Rogers Family, the Newest Winners

                 of  Plum's  Disney Villa Giveaway!

Hi Janice!

Thank you so much.  We had a great time!   We went to the beautiful pool at River Island and enjoyed the zero entry pool as well as the lazy river.  The trips to Disney World were great.  Alexis and Alaian met lots of princesses and had so much fun.   It was hard leaving, but we are left with great memories. 

Thank you again for thinking of us.

Betty and Katie, Alexis and Alaina.


Plum Enterprises,
I am a full time volunteer Occupational Therapist in South India with an NGO called Equip India. We exist to provide free medical care to children with disabilities in poor, rural areas. Two of my patients  Sanju and Hanmanth are brothers with a rare recessive gene disorder that results in poor balance and  ataxic movement. All of the floors in their home village are either  hard packed dirt or tile and they often fall backward when not sitting against a wall.  I am trying to find some sort of head protection for them here in India.  I came across your website and was impressed with your PotectaCap

Dear Janice,
My roommate and I just read your response and got tears in our eyes. Thank you for your speedy and timely response. I have spent all week  with these two boys at the local hospital, trying to get tests done on them and have come across nothing but roadblocks and difficulties. To come home and get your reply was nothing short of a miracle...

With warmest regards,
Amy Arneson
Operation Equip India

Dear Janice and Plum Enterprises,
My family and I want to thank you again for the fantastic trip to Orlando/Disney World!  We are so grateful that you included us in this opportunity and it has been wonderful so far.
Our son (1 year old) had surgery on his skull at 4 months of age for a prematurely closed fontanelle.  His surgeon advised that he wear a protective helmet while he's learning to walk.  I was glad to find the Protect-a-Cap through an epilepsy website.  We now have 2 and my son is very comfortable in them.  He likes his cap more than his other hats!  He now can walk across the room and we feel a little more comfortable when he is wearing the Protect-a-cap.  Thank you for making such an outstanding product. I have enclosed a picture of our son wearing his cap.

Best regards,
Audrey Yu-Speight

"My  daughter  wouldn't  wear  anything  on  her head.   But Mallorie loves her ProtectaCap®!  She even sleeps in it.  It's a wonderful 'Cap.  It's the only thing that has kept my daughter from frequent emergency room visits and fatal blows from seizures.  We thought it sounded too good to be true. But what a big difference it's made.   We know she's not going to get hurt."

» J. Miller

"Matteo is growing healthy and it seems he's got an easy and free nature. Now he walks alone and you can see him showing himself off round the house and teasing everybody he meets. He is so cute with the brightly-coloured helmet he's got from you. But apart from the appearance I tell you the ProtectaCap  helmet is really working out and definitely it is a protective and safe solution. Also we must say that for the kid it has been very easy to wear and leave it on. As I told you Matteo's problem will require more than one cranial surgery and we have to wait the right time for this. At this time it seems that, while Matteo is growing up, the lack of bone on the top of his skull is shortening a little bit. But still he has a 4 inches large hole in the skull and only the surgery will solve the problem. You can understand what a useful thing is your ProtectaCap helmet at this time. And in the future as well. We are glad somebody of you have had the idea about this helpful helmet. We really feel very grateful to the inventor(s). Also I would like to thank you for your prompt help at the time of purchasing and for your good offices for a fast delivery."

» Domenico Diotallevi, 
Rome, Italy

Bethany Lawrence
Thank you so much for express mailing the second ProtectaCap to us. Bethany wears it all the time and doesn't mind it, even in our Arizona 100+ summer temps. The ProtectaChin® guard has been so valuable; and but I know it's just a matter of time before the 'Cap saves her forehead from another bruise. > J. Lawrence, AZ

"My daughter had a tumor in the back of her head and had 1/3 of her skull removed, when she was 6 months old. She still has a 2 X 2 inch hole in her skull. The doctors say the longer they can wait to do additional surgeries, the better it will be for her. Thanks to ProtectaCap®, we've been able to put off the surgeries, and still keep her safe, and give her a normal childhood. It's better than normal. Jill goes to dance class, does gymnastics, plays soccer and swims-- all in her pink ProtectaCap®. What an absolute difference ProtectaCap® has made for her, and for all of us!"

» D. Kamphaus

"We had a little girl with hydrocephalus. Because of her abnormally-shaped head, we couldn’t get a good fit, even with custom-made helmets. ProtectaCap® fits great and it works so well. We’ve been very happy with it. Other helmets are so obtrusive looking. ProtectaCap® looks so nice. » L. Sasso-Lundin, OT

"I've told everyone: ProtectaCap® is the best kind of helmet. It's protected my 24 year old daughter, Vanessa, for twelve years from bad falls, in the supermarket and everywhere. It's the only helmet she'll wear." » M. Curry, Jackson, TN

"Thank you so much for your help and assistance with the ProtectaCap®. You went above and beyond what most people would have done. It's a great product."
» L. Walters, RN, Phoenix, AZ

"ProtectaCap+Plus  has been perfect for my daughter, Pam. It's lightweight and wonderful. She wears it all the time, when she works as a volunteer, and for Special Olympics in soccer, basketball and track."  » C. Bryant, PA

"Thank you so much for all you help and persistence in getting the right sizes of the ProtectaCap  and ProtectaCap+Plus. They've been great for our students."
» C. Bauer, RN, CA

"Everyone at Shriners Hospital and St. John Mercy Hospital was so impressed with the ProtectaCap®. It's been perfect for our daughter. Thank you so much."
» B. Dent, MO

"We are truly grateful for ProtectaCap?/font>. There is no amount of money that could pay for the protection that 'Cap gives Tina's head. And she looks adorable in it!" » S . Moister, PA

"My son, Jeremy, is 17.  He's been wearing ProtectaCap since he was 3. Thank you so much."
» J. Marinella, Sagamor, MA

"Everyone always had fights with me to wear my helmet at practice for Special Olympics. From May to August I had five concussions, even with the helmet. Since wearing my ProtectaCap helmet , I've been hit but did not get hurt once! I've painted it my favorite color-- Carolina blue. Thank you for making my life better!"
» G. Wolpin, Carrboro, NC

"The ProtectaCap  is exactly what I want and need."
»C. DeShazo, West Plains, MO

"The ProtectaCap helmet has saved my daughter from several concussions. She has cerebral palsy and uses canes and walkers. She feels so secure and walks so much better because she knows if she falls she won't get hurt. It has been a tremendous blessing."   »A. Montgomery, Blue Springs, MO

"I recommend your ProtectaCap® to everyone. It's just great for our son."   »S. Stafford, Media, PA

"Your ProtectaCap® has been a God-send. It's so much better and lighter than the ugly, bulky helmets. We love it. Thank you so very much for all you help!"
»L. Smith, San Francisco, CA

"ProtectaCap® has worked out great. It's so much better than the ugly brown leather helmet. It's colorful and comes out great when I wash it. It's the perfect helmet."  » B. Reever,  PA

"Thank you very much for the ProtectaHip®. My mom says it's very easy for her to put on. It gives her the added protection not only for her replaced hip, but more importantly for the other one."
» S. MacDougall, Topsfield, MA

"Nicole's ProtectaCap+Plus®, is just beautiful. It's so comfortable and so lightweight. And it does indeed work very well. Nicole has had several drop seizures since she's been wearing it, and has had no injury to her head whatsoever. Additionally, it looks so much better than the old heavy foam rubber helmet she was wearing."
» J. Driessen, Albany, NY

"That ProtectaCap is the best thing in the world! My daughter doesn't rip it off her head like other helmets. And it really protects her." » M. Murphy, Lombard, IL

"Thanks so much for your product. My 13 month-old is learning to walk just two months after cranial surgery. The tumbles and bumps are inevitable. The ProtectaCap® gives us both so much confidence!"
» E. Pall, Franklin Lakes, NJ

“Our patient is in her 80’s and needed head protection, as she falls quite frequently. She would not wear a hard helmet; her family didn’t think she would wear any helmet. But she loves ProtectaCap and doesn’t want to take it off. We delighted with the excellent quality.”  J. Burke,  Sylvestry Nursing Facility

“The other helmets we tried were really bad. We had to taped them, re-pad them, replace screws.  The would crack and tear with very little use. Plum’s  ProtectaCap  helmets are so much better.”  Conway Development Center

I love ProtectaCap  And it fits perfectly.”  S. Garcia

“ProtectaCap? helmet is perfect for my son. It’s protected him from many injuries when he falls.  We washed it several times and it’s held up so well.”   P. Keeter 

“I ordered the ProtectaCap+Plus helmet for my wife. It’s protects her from seizures and she enjoys wearing it. It’s a fantastic product.”  P. Weiss 

"ProtectaCap makes me feel a lot safer. My son has a plate on his head, and the bone hasn't grown there. ProtectaCap is lightweight, but I can count on the protection being there."
K. Clark, Parent (Repeat Buyer), Littleton, NH

"ProtectaCap? is excellent! It fits her perfectly. It covers more of her head than the other helmets. And ProtectaCap? is so light!" »B. Hurley, Cranford, NJ

"Thank you so much for customizing the ProtectaCap helmet for my son, David. It's just wonderful. He finally has a helmet that helps relieve his incredible pain from his barometric pressure condition. You are really a person who cares about others."  » C. Spale, Chicago, IL

“We never thought my son would wear a helmet. We actually gave up.  Then we found out about the ProtectaCap helmet from a local children’s hospital.  It’s been great.  And the neat thing is he loves to wear it.   L. Culp 

“ProtectaCap helmets are working out great.  And they’re so much more comfortable than the other helmets.”  M. Kannegaard, RN 

"Thank you very much for the ProtectaCaps The headgear are very useful for the twins [who had surgery to separate their conjoined brains], as they are coming out of the post-operative period." » Keith YC Goh, M.D. Neurosurgeon, Singapore General Hospital       

"Thank you for the ProtectaHip? It's perfect. I'd give it a "ten."  » L. Frazier, RN, CA

"Thank you so much for express mailing the second 'Cap to us. Bethany wears it all the time and doesn't mind it, even in our Arizona 100+ summer temps. The ProtectaChin® guard has been so valuable; and but I know it's just a matter of time before the 'Cap saves her forehead from another bruise."  » J. Lawrence, AZ

“ProtectaCap? has been an answer to my prayers.  My 6 year old does constant head banging and rubs his ears so hard. He would have been so hurt without it. It’s awesome and has worked so beautifully to stop all the trauma. And it’s lasted for years!”  L. Jones 

“ProtectaHip hip protectors have helped me for 8 years.  I get up and put it on everyday. I’ve had some serious falls.  If I didn’t have it on, things would have been really bad.  It’s wonderful and the pads have held ups for 8 years.”   E. Rodriguez 

"I’ve been recommending the ProtectaCap helmet for 20 years.  It’s very protective and adds comfort. It protected a 12 year old from a head injury when he fell on the slippery water on the side of a swimming pool.”   F. Dolcy, PT 

“ProtectaCap+Plus helmet has saved me from so many head injuries. I fall all the time.  I’m 34, I’ve been wearing it since I was 30. It’s a great helmet.  T. Cunningham

“ProtectaHip hip protector is a very good product.  It’s been very successful with my wife and give her a great deal of assurance.”  W. Rhodes 

 “The ear pieces are glued on the vinyl helmets.  The kids pulled them off, because the helmet’s so uncomfortable. ProtectaCap helmets are so much more durable and comfortable. The patients don’t try to take them off.” >>  Gulf Coast Center

“ProtectaCap+Plus is absolutely wonderful. It’s a great product and has worked so well for my 35 year old son who has seizures.  The other helmets move around on the head.  ProtectaCap+Plus stays put to protect the areas you want to protect. I love the helmet and so does my son.” >> L. Henschel