Plum® Safety Solutions to the Problem of Injuries from Falls

Plum® Protective Helmets, Hip Protectors & Extremity Guards for Special Needs and Healthy Aging 


     Plum's®  ProtectaCap®  The Custom-Fitting Protective Headgear Kids and Adults Love to Wear





            Plum's®  ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced,
     State-of-the-Art Falls Safety Protective Helmets


ProtectaCap          ProtectaCap


bullet ProtectaWrap®
      Plum's® ProtectaWrap®  Adaptable Protective         Splint for Knees, Elbows, Shins and Forearms

                     ProtectaCap           ProtectaCap



bullet ProtectaHip®
           Plum's® ProtectaHip® The Original,
Award-Winning Hip Protector with the Best and Longest Record for Safety, Comfort and Durability

            ProtectaHip® General Use      ProtectaHip® With Lace  


bullet ProtectaHip+Plus®
  The  Original, Award-Winning Hip Protector
Optimized for Even Greater Falls Safety Protection

 h                     p
             Active Lounge Pants™       Active Lounge Shorts™  




"ProtectaHip® is the product leader in the field."         R. Buckman MD, MA

"Plum's ProtectaHip® products are the best. The patients and staff love them. The others were nasty.  Nasty! They cost us a $50,000 loss."  J. Hepsley, Coatesville VA Hospital, PA

"I love my ProtectaCap+Plus®. With my Parkinson's    I wear it all the time. It's wonderful!  Now I want to order one for a friend of mine." G. Lilley, PA

"I'd give ProtectaHip®  'ten'. It's perfect for our patients. And it's so comfortable, they sleep in them." L. Frasier, RN, CA

"I ordered the ProtectaHip+Plus?and ProtectaHip?Active Lounge Pants for my mother-in-law. They've worked very well." R. Coleman MD, OK

"The ProtectaHip+Plus® and ProtectaHip® Active Lounge Pants™.

 are great for my wife. She has Parkinson's." S. Wilkins, OH


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Facts & Stats

"Every 18 seconds an older adult is treated in the emergency department for a fall, and every 35 minutes someone in this population dies as a result of the injuries. "                                >>   The Centers for Disease Control

“Falls are the leading cause of death by injury for the elderly, and the number of deaths per year is growing."                     >>   The National Safety Council

"Head injuries are one of the most the  most  common  causes  of disability and death in adults. "                                >>   The University of Virginia Health System

"Hip fractures cause the greatest number of deaths and lead to the most severe health problems and poorest quality of life."                                                                                                             >>   The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

"Falls in older adults are a major health concern because of their frequency, the associated morbidity and mortality, and the healthcare costs of hospitalization and treatment."         >>   The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society      


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