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Plum® Safety Solutions to the Problem of Fall Injuries at Home and in the Hospital

Plum’s® Fall Protection Clothing, Protective Helmets, Hip Protectors and Extremity Guards for Active Kids, Special Needs, Baby Boomers and Healthy Aging are Engineered for Safety but Designed for Style and Comfort.

Put the Odds in Your Favor with Plum’s® Award-Winning Fall Protection for All Ages.

Plum’s Award-Winning Falls SafetyWear™ combines cutting-edge technology with comfortable, exquisitely-designed clothing to help keep you safe from the dangers of head trauma, hip fractures, and extremity injuries.

Plum® Fall Protection leads the way in keeping little ones safer and adults healthy, active and independent.
Don’t Let a Fall End Your Active Lifestyle™

Plum® Helps Our Nation’s Veterans

Plum Enterprises is the sole source designer, manufacturer and provider of ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced, Custom-Fitting Protective Helmets, ProtectaHip® Original, Award-Winning Hip Protectors, and ProtectaWrap® Ergonomic Protective Splints for Knees, Elbows, Shins and Forearms.

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® Protective Headgear

The Custom-Fitting Protective Headgear Kids and Adults Love to Wear

  • Complete head coverage & protection
  • Adapts to any head shape or size
  • Machine wash & dry; anti-microbial

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Plum® ProtectaCap+Plus® Protective Helmet

Plum’s® Advanced State-of-the-Art Falls Safety Helmets

  • Unique, advanced dual-protective core
  • Reinforced forehead, temple & back-of-head protection
  • Best impact safety rating by the Veterans Patient Safety Center

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Plum’s® Plus Pocket™ Replaceable Covers for ProtectaCap+Plus®

Plum’s® Advanced State-of-the-Art Falls Safety Helmets

  • Full helmet encasement of comfortable cotton blend
  • Easy care wash and dry. Convenient and cost-effective.
  • For Small, Medium, Large and X-Large ProtectaCap+Plus®

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All of Plum’s Products are Made with Love in the USA.


Plum’s® ProtectaHip® Hip Protectors

The Original, Award-Winning Hip Protector with Best & Longest Record for Safety, Comfort & Durability

  • Hidden superior protective pads
  • Lots of attractive styles for men & women
  • Proven superior protection

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Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® Extremity Protectors

Ergonomic Protective Splints for Knees, Elbows, Shins, and Forearms


  • Targeted impact absorption
  • Adapts to knees, elbows, shins & forearms
  • Customized compression & range of movement

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Plum’s® ProtectaChin® and Face Guards for ProtectaCap+Plus®

Plum’s® Photos show 2 ProtectaChin® Guards, one at Chin, one on side of Face

  • Impact protection for chin and sides of face wrapped in comfortable cotton blend
  • Easily adapts to ProtectaCap+Plus® chin strap for customized protection.
  • For Small, Medium, Large and X-Large ProtectaCap+Plus®

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Plum® specializes in fall injury prevention with patented helmets, hip protectors, and extremity guards so you can enjoy a safe, active lifestyle– on the slopes and in your everyday life.

Plum® Sets the Standard for Fall Injury Prevention

We appreciate the trust you have placed in Plum Enterprises for the past 25 years as we continue to exceed your expectations with falls safety protection designed with meticulous detail and engineered with uncompromising :

  • Plum® Superior Safety Effectiveness
  • Plum® Rugged Dependability
  • Plum® Amazing Comfort

I can say with confidence that the ProtectaCap+Plus® Helmet saved Diana’s life.

P. Leichliter

We are delighted with the quality and the appearance of the ProtectaHip® Garments.

J. Cohen

We are truly grateful for ProtectaCap. There is no amount of money that could pay for the protection that ‘Cap gives Tina’s head. And she looks adorable in it.

S . Moister

Facts and Safety Statistics

Hip fractures are the most frequent type of fall-related fracture, with traumatic brain injuries second, and extremity injuries third. 
>> The Centers for Disease Control

Approximately 30% of people ages 60 and older will fall in any 12-month period. 
>> Journal of American Geriatrics Association

Recovery from a concussion is slower among older adults, young children, and teens. And those who have had a concussion are at higher risk of having another concussion.
>> The Centers for Disease Control

People who sustain a single traumatic brain injury are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s-like symptoms later in life.
>> The Center for Brain Injury and Repair, Perelman School of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania

Falls have become a health crisis. The frequency, morbidity, and mortality rates of falls increase every day. The cost of falls is increasing at an even greater pace.
>> The Centers for Disease Control

One in 3 adults 65 and older fall at least once a year, with 1 out of 3 not able to live independently as a result of the fall.
>> The National Safety Council

A blow to the head that at first seems minor and does not result in immediate pain or other symptoms can, in fact, turn out to be a life-threatening brain injury.
>> Duke University Medical Center’s Neurosciences Critical Care

Fear of falling is a common problem with serious outcomes in older adults, such as reductions in levels of physical activity, reduced the ability to perform activities of daily living, and future falling episodes. 
>> Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

There is no such thing as a mild head injury. It’s a misnomer.
>> Vani Rao, MD, Director, Brain Injury Program, and Neuropsychiatrist

Hip fractures contribute to a large proportion of deaths in the elderly population. 

Traumatic brain injury can cause epilepsy and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
>> National Institutes of Health

Freedom, Safety & Empowerment… For Life.™

ProtectaCap®, ProtectaCap+Plus®, ProtectaHip® and ProtectaWrap® have been carefully designed to help reduce the probability of injury from falls and impacts when securely fastened and properly worn. No product can guarantee protection against all impacts or injuries. Plum Enterprises makes no claims that these products will prevent all injuries.

Plum®, Protecta®, and Plum’s® Products Names are Registered Trademarks of Plum Enterprises, Inc.
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