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Plum® Custom-Fitting Protective Headgear ProtectaCap®


All They Want is to do is PLAY.

And All You Want is to Keep Them Safe.

Plum’s ProtectaCap® helps keep little ones safe from the dangers of head injuries.

Freedom with safety for kids. Peace of mind for you.

Childhood head injuries can cause major trauma later in life, including seizures, Parkinson’s and alcoholism. Plum’s® Child Head Safety ProtectaCap® makes child head safety simple, lightweight and comfortable. and Plum’s® ProtectaCap® is fully washable for ant-microbial safety.

Time to Get Serious About Child Head Safety

Vinyl-Dipped Helmets Slide Around on Head

Custom-Fitting ProtectaCap®

Child protective helmets must stay secure to be safe.
ProtectaCap® provides a safe, secure, custom fit.

Plum® Enterprises’s ProtectaCap®

  • Proven Safety Effectiveness. Plum’s® ProtectaCap® has helped prevent traumatic brain injuries for over 20 years.
  • Better than Custom-Made. Medical professionals agree that ProtectaCap® fits and works better than custom-molded helmets.
  • Comfortable. ProtectaCap® protective headgear is the most comfortable helmet available. Fully encased in a cotton blend, Plum’s® ProtectaCap® provides full head protection with a unique design that expands and opens around the ears for optimal hearing. ProtectaCap® is comfortable enough for sleeping, for post-surgery and nighttime safety.
  • Rugged. ProtectaCap® will not crack despite numerous impacts and cannot be picked apart like the vinyl covered helmets which children can easily tear and swallow.
  • Lightweight Protection for All Ages. Plum’s® ProtectaCap® comes in six sizes, for Babies through Adults,
    in a variety of comfortable, breathable cotton-blend fabrics. ProtectaCap’s® lightweight custom-fit is ideal for active kids,
    special needs, aging adults and individuals with balance concerns.

The Lower the Number, the Greater the Protection

Compare the GMax [maximum gravity] of Plum’s® Helmets to Vinyl-Dipped Helmets. A Peak G Number Above 200 is Dangerous. The lower the GMax number the better the head protection. While no protective headgear can guarantee protection from all impacts or injuries, Plum® engineers its products for safety, dependability and lightweight comfort. Plum’s® ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® protective helmets provide one-of-a-kind, secure, custom fit with proven impact protection.


Headgear Facts and Safety Statistics

Children age 4 and younger are at high risk of falling. TBI is the primary cause of death and severe injury in children who suffer falls.

>> Consumer Products Safety Commission

Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI), with TBI accounting for 46 percent of fatal falls among older adults.

>> American Association of Neurological Surgeons

The prevalence of concussions among school children as young as 8 has more than doubled from 1997 to 2007 among students playing basketball, soccer, and football.

>> The American Academy of Pediatrics

ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® have been prescribed and recommended for craniectomy, craniosynostosis, seizures, cerebral palsy, head banging, balance disorders, postcranial surgery, craniopagus twins, Alzheimer's, hydrocephalus, shunts, microcephaly, craniotomy, Special Olympics, hemophilia, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, aqua therapy, Huntington’s, hippotherapy, autism, missing bones, and traumatic brain injuries.

Please consult with your healthcare professional to determine which protective headgear is best for your particular needs.

Plum’s® protective helmets are fully encased in the highest quality breathable cotton blend, putting comfortable cotton next to the head, not vinyl, leather or plastic. With Plum’s® ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® there is no danger of head rash. Plum® helmets are hypo-allergenic, latex-free and vinyl-free. Some vinyl is dangerous for children and has been eliminated in the making of their lunch boxes. Plastic, leather and vinyl helmets can cause cradle cap and eczema and cannot be machine washed for optimal safety and hygiene. Plum® helmets are machine wash and dry.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

The ProtectaCap® has worked out great. My daughter loves it. She couldn't stand the vinyl one; it was bulky and uncomfortable.

C. Winkelmann

We were so glad to receive information on your ProtectaCap®! Our son had cranial surgery and we had to wrap his head in layers and layers of gauze and cotton which was getting harder to do as he regained his strength after the surgery. At the six-week post-op appointment, we showed the ProtectaCap® to the surgeon and he thought it was great! Thank you for making a usable, durable headgear; it fits our needs perfectly!


My name is Tiffany and I’m leaving a message to say thank you for the ProtectaCap®. I’m 34 and I fall all the time. And ProtectaCap® has saved me from being knocked out. Thank you for such a great product.


We’ve heard all positive things about the ProtectaCap® helmets. They’ve worked great for our patients post-surgery and the compliance is wonderful. We’re completely switching to them from our previous helmets. We still have some of our old helmets, but we won’t use them anymore.

T. Bonaldo, RN, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital.

Plum Enterprises is the sole source designer, manufacturer and provider of ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced, Custom-Fitting Protective Helmets, ProtectaHip® Original, Award-Winning Hip Protectors, and ProtectaWrap® Ergonomic Protective Splints for Knees, Elbows, Shins and Forearms.

ProtectaCap®, ProtectaCap+Plus®, ProtectaHip® and ProtectaWrap® have been carefully designed to help reduce the probability of injury from falls and impacts when securely fastened and properly worn. No product can guarantee protection against all impacts or injuries. Plum Enterprises makes no claims that these products will prevent all injuries.

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