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ProtectaWrap® unique extremity protectors comfortably adapt to knees, elbows, shins, and forearms to protect against impacts and fall injuries.

Plum Safety from Falls products help you enjoy your active lifestyle. ProtectaWrap’s® sleek style hides its superior, ProtectaWrap® protective pad while absorbing impact energy and protecting fragile skin.


Only Plum’s ProtectaWrap® provides superior safety, gentle acu-compression™ and customized range of movement.

  • Innovative.  Ergonomically adapts to and protects joints and extremities to complete your falls safety needs.
  • Proven.  Solves the problem of impacts and fall-related injuries to joints, arms, and legs with proven superior impact protection tucked inside a sleek, comfortable wrap.
  • Dependable.  Provides dependable support and stay-put protection.
  • Comfortable.  Soft, lightweight ergonomic fit for each individual’s joints and extremities. Provides warmth and comfort for arthritic knees.
  • Generous Protection.  Three sizes each with 9/16th inch thick superior protective pads for unmatched protection for joints, knees, elbows, shins, and forearms.
  • Protective Splint.  With a customized range of movement adjustments, ProtectaWrap® works as a protective splint to help stabilize fragile joints and extremities to facilitate healing.
  • Hygienic.  Easy care machine wash & dry

Unique Adaptable Protection For Knees Elbows, Shins & Forearms

ProtectaWrap® Elbow Protector

ProtectaWrap® Shin Protector

ProtectaWrap® Knee Protector

Plum’s ProtectaWrap® is exactly what we need to protect our patients’ shins moving in and out of wheelchairs.

M Beattie, IL

ProtectaWraps® are perfect for my knees. They add comfort and warmth for my arthritis.

H. Langdon, NH

Plum’s ProtectaWraps® complete our falls safety program for our veterans.

Veterans Hospital

Plum Enterprises is the sole source designer, manufacturer and provider of ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced, Custom-Fitting Protective Helmets, ProtectaHip® Original, Award-Winning Hip Protectors, and ProtectaWrap® Ergonomic Protective Splints for Knees, Elbows, Shins and Forearms.